High Quality Square Hay Bales

Whether you’re feeding cows, horses, goats,or sheep, we’ve got top quality square and large round bales of hay fresh from the farm … Carol at (334) 365-8726. Our hay is so good…you’ll want to eat it yourself!

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Preparing for Spring

Spring has arrived! It’s time to put the crop in the ground and start on yet another growing season. This is one of the most exciting times on the farm; the start of a new season, new life, fresh growth, and the anticipation of the year ahead. There is nothing quite like planting the spring […]

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I am so Thankful

One of the BEST things about living on a farm is being able to raise your family here… I am so thankful to have the privilege of raising my family here on the farm.  Just like my parent’s grandparents, it is a tradition that is so much more than just a tradition.  It truly is […]

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